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I love my life.  It's a wonderful, wacky roller
coaster of a ride full of fun and laughter.
And, like yours, it's also jammed with joltin
ups and downs, sharp turns, and inside-out
loops that make my head spin.

But my philosophy is that life should be good,
whatever it takes.  My hope is that my stories
and illustrations, inspired by real life family
and friends, make you laugh, encourage you
to take yourself less seriously, and give you
the ability to see that, in spite of any hairpin
turns on your particular roller coaster, you
truly are living a life worth loving.

Welcome to my world!


Beverage Totes

Give two gifts in one with this wacky reusable gift bag by Suzy Toronto!
Holds most standard-sized bottles and has strong handles to allow for easy carrying.



Today is Your Day Tote
14" tall

$ 7.50
SALE $ 3.75

In Stock 



Start Living Tote
14" tall

$ 7.50
SALE $ 3.75

In Stock   



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