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Fiddlesticks is pleased to present the new
Kelly Rae Roberts Collection.

With a modern color palette and messages of inspiration and courage,
The Kelly Rae Roberts Collection offers a unique and uplifting array
of wall art perfect for any occasion.

Each work of art has been printed on a stretched canvas and each
wall canvas features a solid backboard with a vertical keyhole hanger.

Kelly's unique look of layered mixed-media includes acrylics, oils,
collage and ink, and her designs are features in many publications
and juried art festivals.  Her art expresses honesty and tenderness
while remaining lighthearted and colorful, and she hopes that it will
strike a chord with others.

"My hope is that my work invokes a sense of clarity and
 peace inside of you as you walk your own path in life,
and that it inspires you to discover your own limitlessness."
~ Kelly Rae Roberts




Your Journey Wall Art
6" x 6" stretched canvas
Wall mount - hanger style is keyhole

Your Journey is exquisite...

$ 12.50
SALE $ 9.50

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Trust in Me
8" x 12" stretched canvas
Wall mount - hanger style is keyhole

 Trust in me

$ 22.50
SALE $ 17.50

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All Things Hopeful
8" x 12" stretched canvas
Wall mount - hanger style is keyhole

Seeker of all things
hopeful & love-filled

$ 22.50
SALE $ 17.50

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Easel Stand  
5.5" x 9"
Pine Wood

$ 10.50
SALE $ 7.50

Sorry, Sold Out


Dear Child Manifesto
8" x 10"  Mango Wood with Paper

Dear Child.
I promise to come alive with joy when you enter the room
(I want you to feel loved and celebrated). I promise to
encourage you to dream big and reach toward possibility
with faith and courage along the way. I promise to create,
play, dance, and sing with you (joyful creative abandon will
be valued). I promise to teach you about how to be brave
in sadness and brave in love. There will be pain, fear, joy and
love. I will be with you, side by side, to guide you through
all of it. May you always know how deeply you are loved,
how your life shines brightly and how your heart is never
alone. This is my promise to you dear child.

$ 42.50
SALE $ 21.25

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