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Create Memories and enliven traditions with these interactive dice games.
Kids and grown-ups alike can take part in memorable moments with these games.
They also fit the spirit of any celebration with opportunities for endless fun.  


   Pass the Present Jumbo Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly Bagged

This fun Pass the Present Jumbo Dice is the perfect playful
game to bring friends and family together this season.
Each side of this oversized colorful dice has an action
that you must take if you land on it, such as "Everyone
pass presents to the right" or "Trade for the biggest present".

$ 9.50

In Stock  30013

   Would You Rather Dice
Wooden blocks - 2" square
Set of 3 Dice in Holder

The Would Yule Rather Dice Set is a great gift to bring
along to any upcoming holiday gathering.  This festive
much loved game features three wooden dice with silly
actions and sentiments written on each for hilarious
moments of pure joy.

$ 19.50

In Stock  30016

   Build a Snowman Jumbo Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly Bagged

Grab a paper and pencil, crayon, or marker to enjoy this festive
Build a Snowman Jumbo Dice Game.  Each side of this wooden dice
is decorated with bold seasonal colors and symbols and includes
directions and actions to help you build your snowman including
"Draw some arms so he can wave hello" or "He needs
a snowbuddy" or "Draw a face looking jolly".

$ 9.50

In Stock  30014

   Christmas Karaoke Dice
Wooden blocks - 2" square
Set of 3 Dice in Holder

This fun Christmas Karaoke Dice Set will inspire feelings of joy
and happiness this season at any gathering.  This festive game
includes three oversized colorful wooden dice with bold seasonal
patterns.  You play by rolling the dice to find your song and
action, such as "Sing Deck the Halls...with a funny accent".

$ 19.50

In Stock  30017


   Pickle Ornaments Game
Glass Ornaments - tallest is 4 inches

Gift Boxed

Hide these special numbered pickle ornaments in the tree for
a fun Christmas game!  The goal of the Pickle Ornaments Game
is to create a fun way to choose who should open the first gift
on Christmas Day!  The family can decide how this game is
played, either by rolling a dice or drawing a number from a hat.
Be creative and invent new ways to play each year!

$ 26.50

In Stock  30018

   Christmas Kindness Jumbo Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly Bagged

The wonderful Christmas Kindness Jumbo Dice will inspire
feelings of happiness during this season.  Each side of
this bright red oversized wooden dice includes directions
for different kind actions to take - such as, "Describe the
person across from  you with just one word" or
"Give a big holiday hug" or "Tell the person to your left
what you most admire about them".

$ 9.50

In Stock  30015

Christmas Conversation Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly Bagged

This Christmas Conversation Dice is a fun way to start a family
holiday tradition built on communication and learn about your kids
as they answer questions like: "If you could give Santa a present,
what would it be?" or "If you could hang out with Santa for a day,
what would you do?" or What do you think Santa's house looks
This dice comes with a keepsake book for writing down
their answers year after year and creating memories.

$ 9.50

In Stock  30011

The Christmas Story Conversation Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly bagged

This Christmas Story Conversation Dice offers a way for
family and friends to reflect on the true meaning of
Christmas together.  This interactive piece offers
an engaging way for children to learn about Christmas
and give holiday celebrations a special spiritual feeling.
This dice comes with a keepsake book for writing
down their answers year after year.

$ 9.50

In Stock  30012

   Family Conversation Jumbo Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly bagged

The Family Conversation Jumbo Dice is one big die decorated
with six uplifting, communication-building questions, "What
did you enjoy most about today?; What did you do that
made you proud?;  What are you thankful for today?;  What
made you laugh out  loud today?; How did you make a friend
feel happy today?"

$ 9.50

In Stock  30003


 Family Activity Dice Set

Wooden block - 2" square
Set of Three Dice in Holder

           Encourage positivity and happy family bonding with games
that celebrate the joy of togetherness.  The dice set is three
large dice in a wooden crate, each decorated with six silly activities.
We can all benefit from remembering to have fun and be silly,
no matter our age.  Family game night is always in style!


$ 19.50

In Stock  30005

Family Values Conversation Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly Bagged

What did you enjoy most about today?  What are you
thankful for today?  What made you laugh out loud today?
How did you make a friend happy today?  What was your
random act of kindness today?  What did you do today
that you were proud of?

$ 9.50

In Stock  30001

 Sweet Table Prayer Conversation Dice
Wooden block - 3" square
Poly Bagged

What should we pray for today?   God, thank you for...
Today I am blessed with..   What was the best part of
your day?  How did you see God's work today?  If
you could ask God a question today, what would it be?

$ 9.50

In Stock  30002

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