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North Pole Series
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Deep in the heart of the far North, where it's always winter,
there are magical factories where elves work to bring
Christmas joy to children around the globe.  Laugh and smile
at the charming and amusing antics of Santa and Mrs. Claus,
along with all of the hard-working elves of the North Pole.

The North Pole Series was introduced by Department 56
in 1990 as part of the Heritage Village Series.




   Nina's Knit Mittens
Hand crafted and hand painted Porcelain Lit Building

Gift Box - 6.34" High

There's no mistaking what goes on here at the North Pole.
Elves need lots of mittens to keep their hands warm and dry,
so this factory is working day and night. New mittens get
tucked into many Christmas stockings of good little
girls and boys.

$ 100.00

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   Kitten Tested for Best Mittens
Hand crafted and hand painted Porcelain

Gift Box - 1.57" High

A soft ball of yarn and a kitten, what could be cuter?
This elf may be teasing this little gray kitten,
but there's always time for play at the
North Pole.

$ 25.00

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   North Pole Nutcracker Factory
Hand crafted and hand painted Porcelain Lit Building

Gift Box - 7.09" High

Nutcrackers date back to at least the 17th Century when they
first were made in Germany.  Many were carved to resemble
a soldier or a king.

$ 175.00

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   A Cracking Good Test Result
Hand crafted and hand painted Porcelain

Gift Box - 1.97" High

Always a stickler for quality control, this elf is testing
the sturdiness of each nutcracker - and this one
passes the test! 

$ 38.50

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   Gingerbread Cookie Mill
Hand crafted and hand painted Porcelain Lit Building

Gift Box - 7.64" High

Gingerbread is one of Santa's favorite cookie flavors and both he
and Mrs. Claus love to visit the "Gingerbread Windmill" with its
rotating cookie blades and decorative trim the looks just like
a gingerbread cookie - almost good enough to eat!

$ 155.00

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   For Spinning Into Treats
Hand crafted and hand painted Porcelain

Gift Box - 1.89" High

The head baker has two large sacks of flour slung
over his shoulders.  Wonder what goodies
he will bake today?

$ 20.00

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Gingerbread Street Lights
Lights Up, Battery
Operated 2-C Required
Resin, Plastic, LED, Battery Box

Gift Box - 4.85" High

A pair of happy gingerbread figures dance stop these
red and white striped street lamps.  The lights
are covered with LED snowflakes to make the
season every brighter.

$ 32.50

Available to Preorder
Expected August


North Pole, Building Christmas
~ 2020 Midyear Introduction ~

Porcelain Lighted Building
Gift Set of 4 - Building, Accessory, Tree and Snow
Gift Box - 6.26" High

Santa's elves at the North Pole have just opened a new
academy just for Snowman building!  Filled with different types
of supplies, here the elves can share new innovations, all
while practicing their latest design techniques.

$ 99.00

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2021 Department 56 Village Catalog


This Department 56 Catalog for 2021
features all of the Current Village Buildings
and Accessories.

$ 6.00

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