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Alpine Village
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The intricately detailed lighted buildings and
accessories of this series are as unique and
diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Alpine
and Bavarian regions they represent.  A combination
to create this classic array of hand-painted buildings
and accessories filled with nostalgia and charm.

The Alpine Village Collection was introduced into the
Heritage Village Series in 1986 by Department 56.



   Christmas Market Bratwurst Booth
2017 Mid-year Introduction
 Porcelain Piece 10th in the Series
5.2 in H
Set of two - Gift Box

For many in both Europe and America, shopping at the Christmas
 Market is as much of a holiday tradition as putting up the tree.
 Now hungry shoppers can stop for an authentic German treat, Bratwurst. Includes vendor tempting a “Wiener Dog” with a brat.

$ 65.00

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   Bavarian Cottage
2017 Introduction
 Porcelain Lighted Piece
6.1 in H
Gift Box

What could be more enchanting than spending the holidays
at a charming A-frame cottage in the Bavaria Alps? Each year
the Alpspitzeregion of Germany attracts winter visitors to
enjoy fresh snow and majestic mountain vistas.

$ 90.00

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   Friendly Welcome Home

2017 Introduction
Porcelain Accessory
2.36 in H
Gift Box

Her delightful kitten extends a warm greeting to
this shopper returning from the market.

$ 17.50

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   The Children's Nativity

2017 Introduction
Porcelain Accessory
2.44 in H 
Gift Box

The regions of Germany have long been known for acting
recouts of well kown bible stories - for example, the world
famous Oberammergau Passion Play. On a much smaller
scale, these adorable childre recreate the Nativity scene.

$ 25.00

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Christmas Market, Black Forest
2016 Mid-year Introduction
The Ninth in a continuing series.
 Porcelain Lighted Piece

4.84 in H
Gift Box

This set of two includes vendor accessory with a man
assembling a clock.  Black Forest Clocks, carved by hand
using wood from the Bavarian region is a German tradition dating
back centuries.  Heavy metal weights gently tugged the
clockworks for continual movement.

$ 65.00

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Alpine  Woolen Mill
2016 Introduction
Porcelain Lighted House

6.46 in H
Gift Box

This animated mill features a turning water wheel which
spins over the adjacent brook.  Window boxes filled with
sculpted greens and berries, along with sculpted garland
and bows, add a festive trim.

$ 145.00

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Shepherding the Flock

2016 Introduction
2.48 in H
Gift Box


$ 35.00

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Alpine  Ski Lodge
2016 Introduction
Porcelain Lighted House

in H
Gift Box

The D56 artists have meticulously captured the charm of
the Alpspitze Inns with the details on this darling lodge.
Flower boxes, 2nd story balcony, and scalloped details on
the window hoods and roof fascia and just part of the
iconic elements found.

$ 115.00

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Love on the Slopes

2016 Introduction
2.4 in H
Gift Box


$ 27.50

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Letters to Santa

2016 Introduction
2.64 in H
Gift Box

$ 20.00

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2017 Department 56 Village Catalog

132 Full Color Pages

Villages covered are:
The Original Snow Village, Dickens' Village,
Christmas in the City, Little Town, Alpine Village,
Jack Daniel's, New England Village,
North Pole, Snow Village Halloween,
and Village and Halloween Cross Products
as well as Classic Brands.

$ 5.00

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