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Alpine Village
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The intricately detailed lighted buildings and
accessories of this series are as unique and
diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Alpine
and Bavarian regions they represent.  A combination
to create this classic array of hand-painted buildings
and accessories filled with nostalgia and charm.

The Alpine Village Collection was introduced into the
Heritage Village Series in 1986 by Department 56.



Christmas Market Wine Booth
~ 2020 Midyear Introduction ~

Set of 2 - Lighted Booth plus Accessory
5.2 in H x 2.8 in W x 3.89 in L
Gift Box

We salute the traditional Gluhwein, warm spiced
mulled wine that is sold during the Christmas Markets.
These markets have been an important part of the
holiday season for hundreds of years.

$ 75.00

Available to Preorder - Expected October, 2020



Alpine Cowbell Forge
2020 Introduction
 Porcelain Lighted Piece
6.38 in H x 4.49 in W x 6.89 in L
Gift Box

The purpose of the cow bell is to assist the rancher or
herder in locating the cows while they are out grazing. 
Traditions include everything from the spring parade -
when, after the snowmelt, cows filled the village streets
with the sound of ringing bells while leaving to graze the
high mountain pastures - to letting the best milking cows
where the largest bells, a sign of honor.

$ 125.00

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   Hurry Up or Wait?
2020 Introduction
 Porcelain Accessory
1.5 in H x 1 in W x 2.5 in L
Gift Box

$ 27.50

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   Sweets for My Sweet
2020 Introduction
 Porcelain Accessory
1.6 in H x 1.3 in W x 2 in L
Gift Box

$ 28.50

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Oma's Bakery
2020 Introduction
 Porcelain Lighted Piece
6.77 in H x 3.39 in W x 4.57 in L
Gift Box

Oma, a beloved German team of endearment, translates to
"Grandma".  German bakeries uphold their wonderful
reputations of a wide selection of homemade, old-world recipes
still made with love.  Fresh loaves are easily accessible in the
side bins and heart cut outs on the shutters add to the charm.

$ 125.00



2020 Department 56 Village Catalog


This Department 56 Catalog for 2020
features all of the Current Village Buildings
and Accessories.

$ 6.00

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2018 Department 56 Village Catalog

Villages covered are:
Dickens' Village Series, North Pole Series,
The Original Snow Village, Christmas in the City
Series, Little Town of Bethlehem, Alpine Village
Series, Jack Daniel's, Village Classic Brands
and Village Cross Products.

$ 5.00

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