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The intricately detailed lighted buildings and
accessories of this series are as unique and
diverse as the towns and hamlets in the Alpine
and Bavarian regions they represent.  A combination
to create this classic array of hand-painted buildings
and accessories filled with nostalgia and charm.

The Alpine Village Collection was introduced into the
Heritage Village Series in 1986 by Department 56.





2018 Department 56 Village Catalog

135 Full Color Pages

Villages covered are:
Dickens' Village Series, North Pole Series,
The Original Snow Village, Christmas in the City
Series, Little Town of Bethlehem, Alpine Village
Series, Jack Daniel's, Village Classic Brands
and Village Cross Products.

$ 5.00

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2017 Department 56 Village Catalog

132 Full Color Pages

Villages covered are:
The Original Snow Village, Dickens' Village,
Christmas in the City, Little Town, Alpine Village,
Jack Daniel's, New England Village,
North Pole, Snow Village Halloween,
and Village and Halloween Cross Products
as well as Classic Brands.

$ 5.00

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