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I Heart Your Heart Manifesto
Magnet Gift Book

Paper - 4.5" x 7"


  I heart your heart because… You inspire me to reach and grow. Because
 you've taught me so much above love, trust, friendship and hope.
Because… You have been a witness to my life in progress, always showing grace
in times when you could have shown judgment. Because… When I think of
those who have deeply, profoundly affected my life, I think of you.
Because… You've laughed with me, cried with me, celebrated with me.
You see me clearly, and I see you. May we always be connected in our
traveling journeys, and may you always know how deeply you are loved.
I count my lucky stars for you every single day.

$ 8.00
SALE $ 6.40

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Mother Gift Book
Paper - 4.5" x 7"

Dear Mom. I heart your heart because you
held hope for me before I was born, because
you gave me a name and a beautiful beginning
to a life journey, because you taught me that
kindness really does matter. You are my
beloved Mom, always connected, always
together. Always. Always. 32 pages of full-color artwork and sentiment
suitable for multiple gift-giving occasions that recognize either a sibling or
that one special friend who is like no other. Each book has an enclosure
card inside the front cover that can be personalized to the receiver.

$ 8.00
SALE $ 6.40

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