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Artfully designed, with that special little "twinkle"
in their eyes, these beautiful Mark Roberts Artisan Dolls
are lovingly created by skilled artisans.

Each Mark Roberts Artisan Doll is handcrafted and hand painted
and is wired for magical and fanciful poses.

All Mark Roberts Artisan Dolls are individually numbered
and presented in a gift box with a Certificate
of Authenticity.




Birthday Party Fairy
Small - 9 inches
Introduced 2019
Gift Boxed

$ 51.95
SALE $ 41.50

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Pumpkin Pie Elfin
Small - 14 inches
Introduced 2019
Gift Boxed
Does not need a stand
Poseable and stands alone on weighted feet

$ 59.95
SALE $ 47.95

In Stock 




    North Pole Decorator Elf
Medium -18 inches - Stands alone on weighted boots
"No stand required"
Gift Boxed

$ 100.00
SALE $ 75.00

In Stock 


   North Pole Drummer Elf
Medium -19 inches - Stands alone on weighted boots
"No stand required"
Gift Boxed

$ 100.00
SALE $ 75.00

In Stock 


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