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Give an inspiring gift of joy to a loved one or close friend. 
These beautiful heart sculptures are wonderful for a Valentine Gift,
Mother's Day Gift, Birthday Gift, or even just a random act of
kindness.  Let others know you are thinking of them.



   Let Go Heart Sculpture
Paper Pulp and Plaster - 6" Tall

A wonderfully thoughtful gift for
someone who may be having trouble
letting go of unnecessary stress.

This Heart Sculpture is a subtle reminder
to let a loved one know that they have
permission to let go of stress and live their
joy each and every day.

$ 14.50
SALE $ 9.50

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  Dream Heart Sculpture
Paper Pulp and Plaster - 6" Tall

A sign that we must always keep our dreams
close to us.  If you miss while shooting for the
moon, don't worry because you'll land
among the stars.

This Heart Sculpture is the perfect gift for
yourself or a loved one who has big dreams.
Encourage and support them with this
message from the heart.

$ 14.50
SALE $ 9.50

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   Breathe Heart Sculpture
Paper Pulp and Plaster - 5" Tall

Every once in a while, we all need to take a
break and just relax.  This Heart Sculpture
does us all a service by reminding us to do
just that!

Take a breath, feel free to rest, and most
importantly make sure you restore!  It's
important to wind down and reflect each
day before things start up again tomorrow.

$ 14.50
SALE $ 9.50

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   Embrace Heart Sculpture
Paper Pulp and Plaster - 6" Tall

While reflection, love and harmony
should be with us always, it's important
to embrace the unexpected every once
in a while.

Indulge in the chaos from time to time!
Go with the flow and don't be afraid about
what's around the corner.

$ 14.50
SALE $ 9.50

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I Heart Your Heart Manifesto
Magnet Gift Book

Paper - 4.5" x 7"


  I heart your heart because? You inspire me to reach and grow. Because
 you've taught me so much above love, trust, friendship and hope.
Because? You have been a witness to my life in progress, always showing grace
in times when you could have shown judgment. Because? When I think of
those who have deeply, profoundly affected my life, I think of you.
Because? You've laughed with me, cried with me, celebrated with me.
You see me clearly, and I see you. May we always be connected in our
traveling journeys, and may you always know how deeply you are loved.
I count my lucky stars for you every single day.

$ 8.00
SALE $ 6.40

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