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Joe Spencer Gathered Traditions Collection brings art alive.  As an artist, Spencer
believes in keeping the authenticity of his designs personal and each piece looks
handcrafted by him  Joe Spencer is best known for his beautifully crafted emotive figures.


Joe Spencer collectibles are beautiful memorabilia which can either be generic or
holiday specific and are very popular among the lovers of art and collectors alike. 
Gathered Traditions by Joe Spencer is true to its name as Spencer comes across as a
man with a lot of respect for tradition which he successfully imbibes in his creations.



Hammond Pinecone Boy

Joe Spencer for Gallerie II
Handmade and Handpainted
Soft Sculpture Figure

14 inches -

$ 35.50
SALE $ 22.50

44043 In Stock 

Heather Pinecone Girl

Joe Spencer for Gallerie II
Handmade and Handpainted
Soft Sculpture Figure

14 inches -

$ 35.50
SALE $ 22.50

44042 In Stock 

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