Jim Shore's
Heartwood Creek
Irish Collection

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   Stacked Irish Scene

12 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

Jim Shore's whimsical St. Patrick's Day stack is a totem
pole of your favorite Irish characters executed in
exquisite detail.  This delightful design bristles with
symbols of the Emerald Isle with a Claddaugh,
the irish image of friendship on top.

$ 60.00

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   Go Green

5.5 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

What could be more Irish than an Emerald Green Frog? 
This jaunty amphibisn with his Leprechaun hat
and cane feaures a shamrock base and
decorative motifs inspired by an Irish
Chain quilt.

$ 25.00

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   Mini Leprechaun
3.75 inches
Stone Resin - NOT Boxed

This jaunty Leprechaun with his clover is a whimsical
portrait of the luck of the Irish just in time for
St. Patrick's Day.

$ 14.00

In Stock 

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Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore
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