Jim Shore's
Heartwood Creek
Harvest Collection

at Fiddlesticks


The most traditional of American holidays,
brought to life with the warmth, color and
intricate designs that are the signature of
Heartwood Creek.

The Heartwood Creek collection has quickly garnered 
nation-wide popularity, and it's no wonder why.  Artist Jim Shore's 
heart-warming, folk-art inspired designs, intricate patterns, and warm 
country colors blend to create truly charming collections.  Every piece 
exudes a bit of Jim Shore's own down-to-earth personality, giving 
Heartwood Creek an abundance of nostalgic appeal.



Whoo Loves Autumn

6 inches 
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed 

Welcome fall with this handrafted figurine's warm hues 
and striking design. A wise owl sits perched on a 
pumpkin, hand-painted with a soft autumnal scene. 

$ 36.00

In Stock 




All Good Gifts

9.75 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

This beautiful Angel is a colorful tribute to the bounty
created through the gifts of nature with her delicately embossed
and detailed farm scene on her skirt.

$ 52.00

In Stock 


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