Jim Shore's
Heartwood Creek
Halloween Collection
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Jim's nostalgic memories from his southern
country upbringing, his use of a variety of
media, and his love for intricate patterns blend
to create truly charming collections.  His genuine,
down-to-earth personality and excellent eye for detail
gives every piece its heart-warming appeal.

The Heartwood Creek collection has quickly garnered 
nation-wide popularity, and it's no wonder why.  Artist Jim Shore's 
heart-warming, folk-art inspired designs, intricate patterns, and warm 
country colors blend to create truly charming collections.  Every piece 
exudes a bit of Jim Shore's own down-to-earth personality, giving 
Heartwood Creek an abundance of nostalgic appeal.


      Witch with Spider Web Skirt
10.63 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

A vision in a webbed purple dress, this Jim Shore witch
is a freaky and fashionable icon this October.  With a star
studded hat and crow perched on her hand, she's a
spine-chilling enchanter.

$ 60.00

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      Scary Witch with Cauldron
10.04 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

Reading from a spell book, this witch calls upon all things
magical and devilry this Halloween.  She wears a spooky
graveyard scene upon her gown and a rune embellished
cauldron bubbles with a ghostly potion.

$ 65.00

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      Stacked Halloween Figure
9.06 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

From a bubbling cauldron all manner of questionable
characters emerge in this Jim Shore Halloween Figure.
Balancing upon a ghost, a smiling jack-o-lantern,
black cat, and a witch smile in joined spookiness.

$ 50.00

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      Skeleton with Crescent Moon
7.09 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

Holding a crescent moon in a bony hand, this skeleton
smiles brightly.  With a bandana around his cranium and
cloak covering his cadaver, he'll give you the moon this
Halloween.  His glorious cape is adorned with stars that
glow in the dark.

$ 40.00

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      Witch Sitting on Pumpkin
6.42 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

This little witch smiles sweetly upon a pumpkin while a
black cat rubs against her devotedly.  With the broomstick
in her hand, she'll soon become a frequent flyer.

$ 30.00

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   Mini Walking Black Cat
3.94 inches
Stone Resin - Mini

Trotting into Halloween, this black cat plays a witch this
holiday.  While wearing a cape, green hat, and mischievous
smile, he'll be providing more tricks than treats this year.

$ 18.00

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   Friendly Witch
5.31 inches
Stone Resin - Pint Size
Gift Boxed

$ 25.00

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   Cat in Pumpkin Mini
4.1 inches
Stone Resin - Mini
Gift Boxed


$ 18.00

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   Friendly Witch with Black Cat

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
9.76 inches
Retired - Ltd. Quantity

Magic Grows Wherever She Goes

$ 65.00
SALE $ 52.00

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