Jim Shore's
Heartwood Creek
Halloween Collection
at Fiddlesticks




Jim's nostalgic memories from his southern
country upbringing, his use of a variety of
media, and his love for intricate patterns blend
to create truly charming collections.  His genuine,
down-to-earth personality and excellent eye for detail
gives every piece its heart-warming appeal.

The Heartwood Creek collection has quickly garnered 
nation-wide popularity, and it's no wonder why.  Artist Jim Shore's 
heart-warming, folk-art inspired designs, intricate patterns, and warm 
country colors blend to create truly charming collections.  Every piece 
exudes a bit of Jim Shore's own down-to-earth personality, giving 
Heartwood Creek an abundance of nostalgic appeal.


      Witch with Broom and Skull
10.25 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

"Beware a Creepy Craft"

$ 60.00

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      Witch with Pumpkins and Black Cat
9.25 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

"Midnight Magic"

$ 60.00

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   Witch Gnome
6.5 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

$ 31.50

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