Jim Shore's
Heartwood Creek
Easter Collection

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The Heartwood Creek collection by Enesco has quickly garnered 
nation-wide popularity, and it's no wonder why.  Artist Jim Shore's 
heart-warming, folk-art inspired designs, intricate patterns, and warm 
country colors blend to create truly charming collections.  Every piece 
exudes a bit of Jim Shore's own down-to-earth personality, giving 
Heartwood Creek an abundance of nostalgic appeal.






16th Annual Easter Basket  

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
8 inches

Beautifully designed by Jim Shore in uplifting spring colors, this
16th Annual Easter Basket features bunnies and chicks with
decorated eggs in a woodland setting. 

The Basket Set includes three character eggs and a
floral egg that can stand alone or fill the basket.

$ 65.00

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   Easter Gnome
7.48 inches
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

This enchanting Easter Gnome with egg in hand
and intricate floral designs on his hat is a holiday
heirloom handcrafted with delightful detail and folk-art
style that is unmistakably Jim Shore.

$ 30.00

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   Mini Chick with Umbrella

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
4.1 inches

Jim Shore's charming miniatures feature some
of the most popular imagery from his full-size collection.
This whimsical Easter Chick with Umbrella features
Jim's signature folk-art design and characteristic
light-hearted humor.

$ 18.00

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Stacked Easter - Pint Sized

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
6.4 inches

This pint-sized stack of Easter friends is a
charming touch of Springtime fun.

$ 25.00

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Woodland Cross with Animals

Stone Resin - 7.3 inches
Gift Boxed

This lovely cross is encrusted with woodland creatures,
reminding us that He loves us all, great and small.

$ 45.00

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Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore
for Enesco:

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