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The Heartwood Creek collection by Enesco has quickly garnered 
nation-wide popularity, and it's no wonder why.  Artist Jim Shore's 
heart-warming, folk-art inspired designs, intricate patterns, and warm 
country colors blend to create truly charming collections.  Every piece 
exudes a bit of Jim Shore's own down-to-earth personality, giving 
Heartwood Creek an abundance of nostalgic appeal.





Santa Riding White Horse

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
9 inches

Santa doesn't always travel by reindeer-
powered sleigh.  Sometimes he goes riding
on his seasonal steed.  This sensational white
horse gallops through the woods with grace
and precision as Santa steers her toward Christmas.

$ 75.00

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   Santa with Jingle Bells

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
7.7 inches

Santa brings the bells this season.  Wearing a lavish
cloak of red and green, Santa approaches your door,
eager to Let Goodwill Ring.

$ 45.00

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   Santa with Arms Full of  Gifts

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
10 inches

With a Christmas morning scene carved upon his cloak,
Santa smiles brightly as he holds arms full of gifts and a
heart filled with love.  Blessed is the giver this Christmas.

$ 65.00

Preordered - Expected July, 2020


   Santa with Dog

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
9 inches

Santa gets some help this Christmas from a faithful and
furry friend. With a loving disposition and kind heart, this
dog will enjoy an incredible Christmas helping Santa.

$ 65.00

Preordered - Expected July, 2020


   Toyland Santa

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
10 inches

Santa is first a toymaker and each year he delights in the
creation of new toys for girls and boys.  Toyland Santa
showcases all of Santa's works, from the time honored
Nutcracker to teddy bears and unicorns.

$ 65.00

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   Santa with Tree

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
10.43 inches

Wearing a glorious patchwork cloak, this Jim Shore Santa
holds a shepherd's crook.  Festively dressed,   Father Christmas
carries a tree home this year.  With holly in his hat and
garland at his feet, he's ready for the holidays.

$ 70.00

Preordered - Expected August, 2020


Lapland Santa with Lantern

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
10.25 inches

This Lapland Santa features a wintry Reindeer
scene surrounded by a colorful array of
traditional Nordic designs.

$ 65.00

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   Mini Santa

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
3.43 inches

Carrying a candy cane as big as he is tall,
mini Santa has a hefty sweet tooth
 Looking dashing in a cloak of sugar plums,
he might just share his treats with you
this Christmas.

$ 18.00

Preordered - Expected Sept., 2020


   Mini Reindeer

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
3.54 inches

Wearing a cozy scarf and Santa Hat, this
mini reindeer has big dreams. With high
aspirations and a big heart, this little tyke
might just guided Santa's sleigh one day.

$ 18.00

Preordered - Expected Sept., 2020


   Mini Snowman

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
3.54 inches

This mini sized Jim Shore snowman
holds a cardinal delicately in his hands.
Small in size but big of heart, he knows
Christmas is the time to spread the love.

$ 18.00

Preordered - Expected Sept., 2020


   Standing Snowman - Pint Sized

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
5.24 inches

Holding down his hat so it doesn't blow away, this pint
size Jim Shore snowman arrived on a windy day.  At your
door with gift in hand, he hopes to find a special place with
your family.  Small in size but big of heart, he
welcomes wintry wonders.

$ 25.00

Preordered - Expected August, 2020


   Snowman with Broom - Pint Sized

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
5.12 inches

This pint sized Jim Shore snowman carries a broom to tidy
up for holiday celebrations.  Little in size and big of heart,
this bundled snowman is cute, cozy and ready for Christmas.
Equipped with holly, he'll bring the jolly to your home.

$ 25.00

Preordered - Expected August, 2020


   Snowman Trio

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
7.09 tall x 9 inches long

Donning their best vests and hats, this Jim Shore Snowman Trio hits the streets
for some chilly fun.  Equipped with a broom and tree, these three snowmen
bring tidings of joy and merriment wherever they go.

$ 70.00


Preordered - Expected August, 2020

   Woodland Stacked Animals

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
7.28 inches

Wearing a Santa hat, this courtly fox provides the bottom tier
of a forest animal filled tower of friendship.  Christmas creatures
great and small rejoice in holiday harmony!

$ 40.00

Preordered - Expected August, 2020


   Snowman with Cardinal Nest

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
9 inches

Wearing a Cardinal's nest as a crown, this snowman is
thrilled to gather holly for his feathered friends.  This snowman
believes that home is where loved ones are.

$ 60.00

Preordered - Expected July, 2020


   A Wonderland Among Friends

4th Annual Snowman and Friends
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

8.3 inches

This Fourth Annual Snowman features a charming pair
including a whimsical Snowman with forest scene and
his deer friend decorated in Jim's signature style.

$ 55.00

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   Swept Up in the Season

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed

8.5 inches

This delightful Snowman wears a top hat and a long cozy
scarf while holding a broom.  He features the whimsical
folk art style that is unmistakably Jim Shore.

$ 55.00

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Echo the Season's Joy

Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
8 inches

This windup musical Santa is musical and plays
"Deck the Halls"

$ 60.00
SALE $ 36.00

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Woodland Santa Ornament
Stone Resin - Gift Boxed
5 inches

$ 22.00
SALE $ 16.50

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