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Foundations Angels
by Karen Hahn
from Enesco
                                  at Fiddlesticks


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Inspired to share uplifting words of hope and
wisdom in a unique way, the Foundations
collection couples my own handwriting with
thoughts and prayers that bring meaning to
life's wonders.  My desire is that the
collection continues to convey inspirational
messages that reflect our connections to
family, faith and home - the foundation of life.

~Karen Hahn



Acts of Kindness Angel
Stone resin with Crystal accents
7.6 inches
Gift Boxed
4050123 -

"Love one Another"

$ 32.00

In Stock 



Woodland Angel Deluxe
Stone resin with Crystal accents
9.17" Tall
Gift Boxed

"Wishing you a basketful of blessings"


$ 50.00

In Stock 


   Deluxe Angel with Fawn
Introduced in 2016
Stone Resin, Crystal and Acrylic

9.4" Tall
4053517 -

"No act of kindness, no matter how small,
is ever wasted"

$ 50.00
SALE $ 40.00

In Stock 


Mini Angels



Irish Mini Angel
Stone Resin with crystals
4.5 inches tall
4041219 -
Gift Boxed

Bless your Irish prayers

$ 15.00

In Stock 


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