Reservation System

Your Wish List Ordering System
from Fiddlesticks

Do you want to be sure you get that new
Numbered Limited Edition or do you 
just like to get your shopping done early?......
Our Reservation System is here to serve you!

Using our Reservation System is very
easy.  Just place your order the same as always.
All "Backordered" and "Preordered" items
will be automatically reserved for you.

You will receive periodic email updates on your 
ordered items from our system.

As soon as your items are received in our
store, they will be immediately shipped to you.
We do not charge your credit card until the
order is shipped.

Please note that orders qualifying for
free shipping will not be shipped until the
order is complete.  Separate shipping
requests will incur some shipping charges.

Make your wish list, place your order, and
relax, knowing that our Reservation System
will be working for you! 

(Notes:  "Backordered" items are already on order
with the supplier.  "Preordered" items are actually
special orders that we will gladly place for you.)

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