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Tell a tale with this inventive line of "magnetic home accents".
Mix and match multiple formats with personal embellishments to change
your story, enhance your memories or celebrate each season.


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More Ideas.....

This extremely versatile magnetic system can be "changed" on each occasion, each event,
each happening, or each season to celebrate those important people and times in your life.
Use this system in your home or office for a wonderful memory decoration.
Perfect for those who love to scrapbook!




Galvanized Memo Board  

16" X 16" Square
Smooth Metal Board
with pre-set holes for hanging

$ 20.00

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White Magnetic Memo Board  

16" X 16" Square
Smooth Metal Board
with pre-set holes for hanging

$ 20.00

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Chalkboard Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

Metal Calendar with magnets
21" Square - Saw tooth Hanger

$ 40.00

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Recipe or Cookbook Holder         
Metal Holder with Flower Magnet
8" x 8" with Easel Back

$ 18.00

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Chalkboard with Daisy Magnet
Two Styles Available
Free-standing Metal Chalkboard
with a daisy magnet
6.5" wide x 9.5" high

$ 22.50

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        Blue Flower - 1002860194-B
         Green Flower - 1002860194-G

Black Oval Magnetic Memo Board
15.5" wide x 11.5" high
Hanger Style - Triangle

$ 22.50

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Red Rectangular Magnetic Memo Board
18" wide x 13" high
Hanger Style - Pre-set Holes

$ 24.50

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Green Memo Board
16" wide x 16" high
Metal with triangle metal hangers

$ 20.00

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Pink Memo Board
6.5" wide x 8.5" high
Metal with easel back
Displays vertical or horizontal

$ 10.00

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Easter Egg Wall Art
Metal, Magnet, and Ribbon
  13" x 8.75"

$ 20.00

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Jack-o-Lantern Wall Art
12.5" high
Metal, magnets - Set of 7
Hanger style - magnet

Can be used with jack-o-lantern face pieces
for Halloween and without the face
pieces for Fall

$ 26.50

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Christmas Tree Magnetic Wall Art
21.5 inches high
Metal with magnets

 You can hang this on a metal surface or
stand with a Black Magnet Stand (18908)

$ 35.00

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